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Eduworld360 is a subsidiary of Bizi Bee Group with a primary focus on providing Education Consultancy, Education Seminars, Screening, Career Counselling, Course Selection, Admission Process etc.
All our efforts are towards matching the student to the right course and the right college where he can maximize his potential to be successful in life.
We are always striving towards opening new vistas for students, finding new courses, new colleges, new institutes and new universities.

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Our Team

Rajiv – Having more than three decades of experience under his belt in various fields like Sales & Marketing, Operations, Product Development, Business Development, Rajiv has been a hardworking and dedicated entrepreneur with a vision for the future and foot firmly set on the ground.

Harpreet – Having worked in the fields of Amusement and Entertainment, Hapreet brings twenty five years of work experience in Sales & Marketing and Operations. He has been actively bringing school business for his employers in the past and now joins us in this new venture of eduworld360.in

Dilip – A young gun at just 20 years old, Dilip is our IT man who stays behind the scenes but is very actively involved in all the online work in the backend designing our websites, maintaining hosting servers, debugging, trouble shooting etc. We hope we will be able to give him the exposure and on hands work experience which will form a rock solid foundation for his future in IT companies ahead.

T V Mani Prasad – With experience of over four decades,in Administration, Event Management, in Government, semi Government and PrivateOrganizations, Mr. T V Maniprasad is currently into consultancy in Events and developmental matters in Organizations. He will be working in a key area of tie ups with Institutes and Colleges in India and Abroad.
Rajiv Singh
T V Mani Prasad

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I Enjoyed Every Lesson!

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James Smith

Apps Developer

Fantastic! Great instructor!

I recommend these courses to everyone, and wish you, guys, luck with the new studies! Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet consectetur adipisicing.

Monica Blews

UX Designer

Fantastic! Great instructor!

I am grateful for your wonderful course! Your tutors are the best, and I am completely satisfied with the level of professional teaching.

Eleanor Baker

CFO Apple Corp

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